Skiary, Loch Hourn

The remote setting of Skiary makes it a haven for wildlife. Meadows filled with wild orchids, flag irises and rare butterflies give way to layers of brightly coloured seaweed and lichen-covered rocks. The surrounding mountainsides are covered in heather and bilberry, and scattered with mountain ash, silver birch and rhododendron. Throughout spring the sound of cuckoos can be heard from wood across the loch, and dusk in the summertime is accompanied by the soft hoots of nearby owls.

Sea birds such as oyster catchers, terns, waders, eider ducks and herons are seen frequently from the doorstep. Golden eagles can sometimes be spotted soaring high above Skiary, and are a treasure to behold.

Mammals include pine martens, mountain goats, seals, porpoises and, occasionally, sea otters. An evening’s entertainment can be had watching the deer graze on the shore in front of the cottage from the green house.